AGS Book Series

December 28, 2015


The AGS book series, ‘Science and Technology: Tools for Sustainable Development’ provides timely accounts by authoritative scholars of the results of cutting edge research into emerging barriers to sustainable development, and methodologies and tools to help governments, industry, and civil society overcome them. The work presented in the series draws mainly on results of the research being carried out in the AGS. The level of presentation is for graduate students in natural, social and engineering sciences as well as policy and decision-makers around the world in government, industry, and civil society. The series is published by Springer. Dr. Joanne Kauffman is series editor.
Nine volumes have been published in the series, available through Springer.


Volume 9
An Energy Analysis of Household Consumption: Changing Patterns of Direct and Indirect Use In India
by Shonali Pachauri (Available February 2006)

The book takes a socio-economic approach to analyzing the energy system and energy consumption in India from a household perspective. In doing so, it views households as the ultimate end-consumers and estimates and analyzes the direct and indirect energy requirements of household consumption, both at an aggregate national level as well as for individuals or groups of households.


Volume 8

The Technology-Energy-Environment-Health (TEEH) Chain in China
by Karen R. Polenske

The overall goal in this book is to explain key economic, environmental, technology, and transportation factors that are affecting the provincial and industrial energy intensities and environmental pollution in the People’s Republic of China (China). The author stresses the important role of the Shanxi Province in encouraging improvements in energy efficiency and pollution by (1) introducing new coke-oven technologies and (2) encouraging pollution-abatement measures for the older ovens.


Volume 7

Sustainable Energy Consumption and Society
Personal, Technological, or Social Change?

by David L. Goldblatt

A multidisciplinary study combining social science, energy analysis, and risk communication, this work occupies a unique niche in the literature. Few treatments of energy and the environment approach the problem through the larger social science framework of sustainable consumption, while sociological studies of consumption eschew quantitative modelling. This book incorporates both, using theories, research, and computer-aided interviews to illustrate the range and relative effectiveness of interventions that support sustainable energy consumption.


Volume 6

ECODESIGN Implementation
A Systematic Guidance on Integrating Environmental Considerations into Product Development

by Wolfgang Wimmer, Rainer Züst, Kun-Mo Lee

Stakeholders such as environmental directives and customer demands for reducing environmental impacts of a product require innovative and environmentally improved products. Therefore a systematic approach and effective methods and tools are needed in the early phase of product development. The basic elements for optimized process management in the design department are described in this book. The book comes with two web tools: one is the ECODESIGN PILOT, used to find measures to environmentally improve a product within a short time. The other is the ECODESIGN PILOT’s Assistant: an expert system, which helps to find the right improvement strategy for a product.


Volume 5

From Understanding to Action: Sustainable Urban Development in Medium-Sized Cities in Africa and Latin America
Edited by Marco Keiner, Christopher Zegras, Willy A. Schmid, Diego Salmeron

This book provides a framework for the design, implementation, and measurement of sustainable urban development in developing countries. Based on case studies in Johannesburg, Gabarone, and Santiago de Chile, the book identifies challenges and potentials for sustainable urban development and suggests alternative ways that governments, city-regions, communities, and planners can respond to these challenges.


Volume 4

Integrated Assessment of Sustainable Energy Systems in China: The China Energy Technology Program
by Baldur Eliasson and Yam Y. Lee, editors

This volume contains an objective analysis of the electricity energy system in Shandong Province, China, and presents a decision support analysis tool that should allow decision makers in China to choose a system of electricity supply with minimum environmental impact and/or minimum “true” cost. Includes DVD.


Volume 3

Product Investigation, Learning and Optimization Tool for Sustainable Product Development, with CD-ROM

by Wolfgang Wimmer and Rainer Züst

This volume introduces the new Product Investigation, Learning and Optimization Tool (PILOT) for Sustainable Product Development. The PILOT enables you to find measures to improve your products from an environmental standpoint. The instructions given are formulated in the language of product design and can be implemented directly in product development. The tool is also provided on the enclosed CD-ROM.


Volume 2

Air Quality in the Mexico Megacity: An Integrated Assessment
by Luisa T. Molina and Mario J. Molina

While each city – its problems, resources, and perspectives – is unique, the need for an integrated assessment of complex environmental problems is the same. The case study presented in this book demonstrates ways to work toward the comprehensive knowledge needed to build robust policy.


Volume 1

Future Cities: Dynamics and Sustainability
by Fred Moavenzadeh, Keisuke Hanaki, and Peter Baccini

This volume provides new ideas for managing the mega-cities of our future. The editors’ goal is to shape a new way of thiking about mega-cities – one that promotes their function in modern societies as engines of the ideas, technologies, and loci of political will needed to build a new regime of global sustainability.


Forthcoming titles
Sustainable Buildings in china: Design and Technology for Residential Buildings
Leon Glicksman and Juintow Lin, editors

Public Entrepremeurship Networks: Institutions for Innovation and Sustainability
David Laws, editor

Climate Change and Energy Pathways for the Mediterranean, June 2005 (Workshop Proceedings)
Ernest J. Moniz, Editor

Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on the Highway and Urban Environment (Cyprus, June 2006)
Greg Morrison and Sebastien Rauch, editors

Mapping Sustainability and Managing Knowledge e-Networking
Nazli Choucri, editor

The results of the Study on arsenic poisoning in the Bangladesh water supply
Watanabe, editor

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